Calories Schmalories

Calories Schmalories

As you know, calories don’t count when it’s your birthday. Or when you’re eating with a friend.  Or when you break a cookie in half (that actually “breaks up” all the calories by doing that.) Just ask me and I can come up with all sorts of rationale on eliminating calories and show just cause for eating that cupcake.  But I don’t believe this little mouse from Whimsy Stamps gives a bit of cheese for any of that.  


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No Peeking Mice – Whimsy Stamps

Calories Schmalories – Whimsy Stamps

Wavy Edgers Die Set – Whimsy Stamps

6×6 Paper Pack – Licorice – Whimsy Stamps


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5 thoughts on “Calories Schmalories”

  1. I absolutely love your card. Terrific job. I have a stamp set that has a cupcake with the saying something like this….if you lick the frosting off a cupcake then its a muffin, right? I am addicted to Whimsy stamps. Thank you for sharing your masterpiece!!!

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